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ICG is one of the most active intellectually based discussion groups in the United States.  Statistics shown below are as of April 2021.


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Do you enjoy attending online (zoom) events however don’t enjoy the hassle of paying those online event fees?  With an Online Event Concierge Membership annual subscription, all the fees are prepaid.  Just tell us which online ICG events you want to attend, and we’ll RSVP you without having to pay anything more.  If you need to unRSVP for any of these events, simply go to the Meetup.com event page and unRSVP.  Cost is $15 per year.  Online events include Creative Expressions, Film Festival Movie Review, Science Discussion and many others.  With this service, you can attend all the online events without having to RSVP for each event.

Subscribe using a credit card or PayPal.  Cash is also an optional form of payment.  Whatever is convenient for you.  Click on the appropriate link below to get started.