04September2016: AWE

Program designed and led by Glenn Lippman.

Festival Flea Market Mall.  Indoor walk.


  • Glenn Lippman
  • Marla Silverman
  • Miriam Weiss
  • Judy Moskowitz
  • Lynn Cooper
  • Jim Cerullo
  • Caryn Wachsler
  • Rose James


Miriam Weiss
I enjoyed the progressive nature of the questions Glenn posed so that each of us soul searched the very deepest aspects of the meaning of awe. The results of this exploration led to an awesome discussion. Thanks Glenn, Miriam

Judy Moskowitz
To have Awe, be one with the universe and connect in the deepest possible way is a gift. Glenn once again took us on an esoteric journey that for me was mind blowing

Lynn Cooper
This meetup was “awesome”. Venue perfect for Summer walking, & good discussions skillfully led by Glenn.

Jim Cerullo
Walking inside was much better. Interesting questions prepared by Glenn.
Wide range of responses was awesome.

Caryn Wachsler
Had a great time! Never did mall walking before, and I enjoyed it. Terrific topic, smart people 🙂 Thanks Glenn!

Glenn Lippman
Quite frankly one of the best walk n’talks yet and walking inside air conditioned mall was nice. Heavy subject on awe and our connection to something beyond us.