05June2016: Self, Anxiety, & Purpose

Program designed and led by Glenn Lippman.

Patch Reef Park


  • Glenn Lippman
  • Mike McIntosh
  • Barry Patten
  • Miriam Weiss
  • Heidi Rabinowitz
  • Larry Minsky
  • Lynn Cooper
  • Luz
  • Jim Cerullo
  • Elinor Steffensen


Glenn Lippman:
Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in learning about Kirkegaard’s solution for anxiety. If more professionals applied his methods I think there would be a much less reliance on drugs, balance and continuous despair. Researching and leading this topic was very enjoyable due entirely to the members who joined in the discussion. Thanks to Heidi for your insightful contributions, Barry for his unique understanding of everything related to Self, Mike for his steadfast baseline objectivity, Lynn & Miriam for giving philosophy walk & talk a try and truly enjoying it, Elinor for being an individual along with a European perspective, Jim for being in the moment. And for Luz for light & positive perspective.  And Larry … Walk n’ Talk Philosophy wouldn’t be the same. I always enjoy your participation.

Miriam Weiss:
The Philosophy Walk was a first for me , but it was stimulating and deep thanks to Glenn and his able leadership.

Lynn Cooper:
This was my first walk & talk & an excellent way to begin the day by combining exercise with education & enlightenment. A special thanks to Glen for the obvious research & work he put into developing & executing the topic.

Jim Cerullo
Great group. Glenn did a lot of preparation for this discussion on some of
Kierkegaard’s work. Nice group of people and good discussion of the material. When I got home the June/July newsletter from the community I live in had been delivered and on a page of “power thoughts” was this quote- “Life is not a problem to be solved but reality to be experienced.” That was one of the points of our discussion, but there was no credit given to Kierkegaard. Coincidence or a reminder? Thanks to Glenn and everyone who attended.

Elinor Steffensen
Soeren Kierkegaard. Glenn, I must say you do go out of your way to make me “feel at home” so to speak. Good discussions. Thank you.

Larry Minsky
great to discuss and learn the thoughts of a great philosopher