06November2016: Nietsche & Zarathustra

Walked 5 miles in the Nature Area next to Spanish River Library, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  Program designed and led by Glenn Lippman.

Freiderich Nietsche was known for his self overcoming positions.  Be the best you can.  Don’t settle.  Become who we really are.

Question 1:
Can doing nothing bring happiness?

Question 2:
To become Nietzsche’s Overman (Uberman), Nietzsche outlines 4 recommendations.
A.  Own up to envy.  Okay to envy.  It helps you target what you want.
B.  Don’t be a Christian.  Nietsche resented Christianity in that it protected people from their envy and desires.  Claimed that sexlessness translated to purity.  Weakness to goodness.  Submission to people one hates to obedience.  Taking revenge to forgiveness.
C.  Never drink alcohol.  Nietsche believed that drinking alcohol can reassure people that everything is fine the way it is and can sap the will to change or improve oneself.
D.  G-d [Religion] is dead.  He believed G-d provided guidance and morality and when people needed to cope with problems of life.  Although he believed that those that followed a religion were herds and religion got in the way of people becoming all they can become.  He believed we should focus on culture, philosophy, art, music and literature.

First define why this is Nietzsche’s position, then how this concept resonates with you.

Question 3:
Thus Spoke Zarathustra assumes that evolution must not be assumed to have finished.
“What is the ape to man?  Is it a laughing stock or painful embarrassment?  And man should be just that for the overman.”
Man is far superior to our ancestors, so how will the future overman be superior to who we are today?  In which ways will  we compare to the overman?

Question 4:
Nietzsche’s three metamorphoses as defined in his book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” begins by defining everyone to start life as a Camel.  He claims that 98% of us remain as a Camel

throughout our lives.  That the Camel accepts the burden of life.  For the few that evolve from

the Camel phase the next phase is the Lion.  Lion represents NO and challenges status quo.  Nietzsche believes the final phase is the Child.  The Child lives life without burden by saying YES.  In your words define this metamorphosis.  Which phase are you in and why?  And what ways can you become present and live a pure life of affirmation?

Following philosophy discussion, Bebe Nagel prepared and invited our group to her home in Boca Raton for a brunch:


Nietsche Walk n'Talk Philosophy Brunch





Marla Silverman
I Loved the topic ! . A word of appreciation for Glenn is in order for the thoughtfulness of the questions and a brief overview allowing intellectuals to learn and dwell on Nietzche overall thinking and philosophical approaches about human nature and behavior. Thank you Glenn for another great meeting!  A special note of appreciation to Bebe for her gracious hospitality! The brunch after the walk was delicious and the setting conducive to expanding into other great conversation topics and camaraderie.

Carlos Garcia
Outstanding. A highly informative and engaging discussion where we all learned from each other things we didn’t know we knew.

Jim Cerullo
This was a great meet-up. Old friends, new friends and interesting discussions. Sorry I missed the brunch. Thanks for the prep work you put into it Glenn.

Caryn Wachsler
What fun, from start to finish! These philosophy walks are just getting better and better 🙂 Thanks to ALL, especially Glenn and Bebe!

Glenn Lippman
Our discussion transcended many planes — from Nietzsche’s 4 imperatives (Envy, Christianity, Alcohol and G-d) to an indepth discussion on Zarathustra’s Overman. And them onto the philosophy of the camel-lion-child. All while we walked 5 miles on a beautiful trail with very cooperative weather. We all learned a lot. Welcome to Helene Fisher for joining us on this Walk n’Talk. Following the discussion, Bebe treated us all to a first class brunch in her home. Delicious food and wonderful hospitality. What a great day!

Rose James
Wonder…ful meetup!! Lots of thought provoking questions!!! Let”s continue with this unending story…everyone has an important part!!!!