07August2016: Equality. Is it Really that important?

Program led and designed by Glenn Lippman.

Spanish River Library


  • Glenn Lippman
  • Luz
  • Bebe Nagel
  • Rose James
  • Jim Cerullo
  • Anonymous


Bebe Nagel
Soooooo much fun!!!! Each a major contributor….xxoo, Bebe

Great morning aerobics of the mind and body. Thanks Glenn for you continuous effort and to all of you that attended for your interesting particition.

Jim Cerullo
What I initially thought of as a quick “yes” or “no” answer turned out to be much more complex. Six of us had a good discussion of the questions Glenn prepared for the talk. Thanks to all.

Glenn Lippman
Very good discussion on equality. We learned that equal rights amendment and EEOC are really suggestions for respect and fairness. There is really no way to enforce laws for equality, especially since there are so many exceptions. A special welcome to new member Lorraine for her wonderful contributions. Beautiful sunny day. A bit hot, although lots of shade and a nice wind.