About our Table Hosts

Hosting is available for anyone interested in hosting a conversation group meeting. Inquire by contacting Glenn for more information. Our hosts go through continuous training and are expected to attend host training/orientation at least once every 6 months. For more information on how to be a great Table Host, please review Table Host Guidelines.

Current hosts include:

Barbara Friden.

Barry Molefsky. Table host since 2014. Hosting style is well balanced providing members with an opportunity to discuss current events, serious and light topics. Hosts General Discussion tables. Mostly hosts events in Boca Raton. Here’s what people say about Barry’s style of hosting:
“Barry M … What a great job you did this morning … You knew exactly when to move on … Thanks everyone, and Happy New Year.” Judy Keiser.
“Barry was perfect.” Marilyn Gusky
“Barry led a terrific discussion. Enjoyed discussing varied topics with intelligent people. A great way to start my weekend.” Mira Aluma
“Couldn’t ask for a better way to begin my weekend. Extremely lovely people, excellent discussions!” Sherry Kagan-Schweizer

Bebe Nagel.

Christine Crippen. Table host since 2013. As a founder, Chris’ style of hosting is quite often reflected by other hosts. Chris hosts General Discussion and Brunch Discussion tables on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons in Boynton Beach and Boca Raton. Here is what people say about Chris’ style of hosting:
“Really enjoyed the light touch. Chris you set the stage.” Carol Weissman
“Very relaxing and enjoyable. Enjoyed the lighter touch.” Sandy Moss
“I enjoyed this meetup very much.” Rita
“Chris it was such a nice change to discuss only light topics. You were a great host. Looking forward to the next lunch and laugh fest.” Judy Keiser

Dale Smith. Table host since 2013. Dale desires to lead a friendly, respectful and organized discussion. He does not allow cross-talk until each member has first presented their answer. Dale’s goal is to get through all questions presented at the table discussion. Dale is a regular Table Host on Mondays in Boynton Beach, and hosts General Discussion tables occasionally in Boca Raton. Here’s what people say about Dale’s hosting style:
“Lively discussion, very well run,” Kate
“Dale did an excellent job as usual,” Ira Bromberg
“Very enjoyable. Met some nice people and the discussions were interesting. The table was well run. Started on time, little to no cross-talk until open discussion,” Rick
“Very welcoming group. Enjoyed the people and the discussion,” Margaret Flynn
“Lots of fun as usual. Dale & Suzanne make a great team,” Christine Crippen

Glenn Lippman. Table host since 2013. Glenn prefers getting through all questions submitted and may limit discussion to accommodate this objective. He is a stickler for the 2 minute rule and no cross-talking. Likes discussion to be inclusive. Glenn hosts multiple groups including: General Discussion, Science & Technology, TED Talks, Sunday morning’s Philosophy Walk n’ Talk, and our Movie Reviews. Usually found hosting tables in Boca Raton and Coconut Creek. Here’s what people say about Glenn’s style of hosting:
“Glenn did an excellent job. There was very stimulating conversation.” Ira Bromberg
“Really enjoyed table discussions and the way Glenn kept the conversations going.” Pam Beyer
“As usual, delightful and interesting.” Sandy Moss
“Great fun! Thanks Glenn.” Bebe Nagel
“Very enriching conversation.” Leslie Phillips
“I loved the Ted Talks session. The topic of introvert vs extrovert was enlightening. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s perception and interpretation of the movies. I think you have created a monster. I have now downloaded the app on my android and can’t wait for next topic and discussion of Ted Talks.” Mira Aluma
“Very challenging and engaging questions. I loved the concept [of Philosophy Walk n’ Talk]. Thank you Glenn for doing so much preparation.” Carolyn Gold
“One of the best meetings. High level, engaging discussions.” Carlos A. Garcia

Ira Bromberg. Table host since 2014. Hosting style favors a mix of Current Events and Serious topics. Ira prefers no light or personal topics. Ira will host general meetups as well as special interest groups focusing only on current events. Ira only hosts in Boca Raton and on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here’s what people say about Ira’s style of hosting:
“Last nights meetup on current events only was excellent. The meetup was very interesting and I really learned a lot. I hope we will continue a table discussing current events only. Ira, you were a wonderful host!” Pamela Brecher
“If we didn’t know anything about the subject matter going on, we sure learned a lot about it after each question was discussed. … It was most enjoyable and informative.” Judy Keiser

Judy Keiser. Table host since 2013. Popular host with unique skill of combining a balanced mix of Serious and Light topics along with some Current Events. All questions and responses are handled with respect, and depending on the subject matter, with a sense of humor as well. Judy hosts General Discussion, Entertainment and Prejudice specialty tables on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here’s what members say about Judy’s hosting style:
“Judy is a very good host. Strong, but with a sense of humor.” Marylin Geiger
“Once again, it was a pleasure to be at Judy’s table. Thanks for keeping us on topic and keeping the discussions going!” Bonnie Rose
“Judy is terrific; she knows how to control the time and keep on topic.” Sandy Moss
“Judy did an excellent job as usual.” Ira Bromberg
“Never a dull moment on the battleground of ideas; handled with ease by Judy.” Jane Ansley
“I must say, how delightful to be surrounded by eight beautiful actresses. I felt like I was the star of some french new wave flick. Cest’Manifique!” Jim Dwyer
“Felt like I went to a party — including singing, laughing, eating and all terrific party-goers. And, of course, our hostess who never disappoints.” Jane A.
“Judy, Judy, Judy … you’re spectacular!” Bunny Herbert

Judy Moskowitz.

Larry Minsky. Table host since 2014. Hosting style favors a mix of light and serious topics. Larry hosts General Discussion tables on Saturday morning. Here’s what people say about Larry’s hosting style:
“Lots of interesting, provocative and even some fun questions.” Fran Belasco

Mira Aluma.

Mike McIntosh. Table host since 2013. Popular host with a well balanced mix of serious, light and current events. Mike prefers topics that can improve the world and make people happier. He prefers to get to all questions even if that means he’ll keep the group discussion go longer to finish them. Why rush a good thing. Mike hosts General Discussion tables as well as specialty tables on Science & Technology discussion. Mike also hosts Game Nights on Thursdays. Here’s what people say about Mike’s style:
“Very warm and welcoming, Mike was an excellent facilitator. Enjoyed meeting such wonderful, intellectual people.” Gloria Hausman
“Mike was awesome and the small group setting allowed us all to have plenty of time to talk and laugh together. One of the best Meetup discussions to date in my opinion.” Phen
“Enjoyed every minute, lots of laughs along with the serious topics. Really appreciated Mike’s style, letting us go with the flow.” Jane
“Fun, always interesting. Mike did a great job.” Judy Moskowitz
“This was one of the most enjoyable table discussions! Mike you are a terrific host and all the people at our table were wonderful. Thanks to everyone for a special Saturday morning.” Bonnie Rosenthal
“There aren’t any words to describe how much fun I had at game night. Thank you Mike for opening your home to us. Food, fun, and laughter….Can’t get better then that.” Bunny Herbert
“My first game night was so much fun. Mike is a great host and his home is lovely, especially the pool table!! Everyone is so nice. Thanks.” Elizabeth Allen
“So much fun. It brings out the child in me. Thank you so much Mike for hosting this wonderful event at your house. So relaxing and enjoyable after a day at the office.” Mira Aluma
“It was very enjoyable. Mike did an excellent job hosting.” Sonia

Rose James.

Sandy Moss. Table host since 2014. Sandy only hosts Saturday morning general discussion. Here is what people say about Sandy’s hosting:
“You were a ‘Star’ host this morning and your supporting cast was excellent.” Judy Keiser

Sana Bazza

Yvette Taylor. Table host since 2015. Hosts General Discussion tables. Here’s what people say about Yvette’s style of hosting:
“Thank you Yvette. My first morning discussion and I truly enjoyed the process in such a positive way. Everyone made me feel very welcomed.” Sonia
“Thanks to table host Yvette. I enjoyed the discussion when we agreed to respectfully disagree. A lively morning!” Sandra

Host names in bold are active hosts.