About Us

Are you the type of person who would like to meet and socialize, while at the same time learn something new and share what you have learned with others?  And at the same time doing all of this from the comfort of your home … air conditioned, Covid-free, and while sitting in a comfortable chair? 

If this is you, you’ve found the Meetup Group of your dreams.  Although we still have a few discussions at outdoor venues, most of our discussions are via Zoom. 

“Learning has no limits.”  Our group is for anyone interested in thought provoking, intellectual and stimulating conversation. We define Intellectual Thinkers as anyone curious in learning more of what they don’t know.  Our programming is ideally suited for life-learners interested in topics in the Sciences, Historical Impacts, Philosophy and Art.  For best results most of our programming suggests preparation of and on the topic prior to the event.  A few years ago, Meetup rated ICG #1 in the USA for this type of programming.

Our philosophy is inclusiveness in a friendly and safe environment.  Most of our members consider themselves financially conservative and intellectually liberal/progressive.  We’re open to new ideas, respect opinions expressed by those we may not agree with, and promote individual rights, democracy and free enterprise.  Our members are Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians.  However regardless of our members’ political leanings, our members are critical thinkers with an open mind for life long learning.

Free to be a member.  Although we don’t charge dues, and joining is free, attending an event may include a processing/participation fee when you RSVP.  Typical fees range from $1.75 to $10.00.  Fees are collected though credit cards managed by PayPal.  This way your payment information is secure.

So if you are looking to meet intellectually-minded and stimulating thought provoking people, join us today! We’re the fun smart people. Look forward to meeting you at our next Meetup,

We look forward to meeting you.  When joining, please include a recent photo of yourself.  We need to see your face.  Without a photo, your membership application will be declined.  Additionally, we only accept individual members.  If you are a couple, please join individually.

“Learning can be addictive” as quoted by Glenn Lippman


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