Art in Film: No Pay, Nudity

On December 6, 2016, our Art in Film group reviewed No Pay, Nudity. Lester Rosenthal has spent his whole life as an actor waiting for his big break. But his last big job was some years past, and he now hangs around the Actor’s Equity lounge with his colorful, out-of-work actor friends. With a stalled career fraying Lester’s very last nerve, and his beloved dog having to be put down, Lester descends into deeper depression. But a role playing the Fool in a local hometown production of “King Lear” may teach Lester about small pleasures.

Released November 2016. Directed by Lee Wilkof.

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Film review:

No Pay, Nudity’s reoccurring theme of aging and realism of acting as a career gave us an opportunity to rate this film relatively high.  Good acting. Our reviewers mostly women and seniors.

Reviewer Technical Components
Recommend Film
Glenn Lippman (Org) 9.2 8.2
Sherry Arrowsmith 8.5 3.0
Maria Elvie 9.5 8.0
Brenda Nagel 7.5 4.0
Howard Rothauser 7.5 5.0
Marly Silverman 9.9 9.5
Caryn Wachsler 8.8 6.0
Miriam Weiss 9.1 8.0
Carol Weissman 9.0 8.0
Average Review 8.8 6.6

Our overall review and how we compare.

88% Art in Film Review
71% Rotten Tomatoes
62% IMDb