Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes
Intellectual Conversation Group
December 2, 2017; 12:30 PM, Panera’s Boca Center

Present: Judy Keiser, Glenn Lippman, and Dale Smith
Absent: Chris Crippen, Arlene Schwartz
Invited Guests: None

Discussion & Minutes Summary:

  1.  Richard Rosenstein resigned as Board member.  Decision made not to replace at this time.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Membership/Retention: Although Arlene was absent from today’s meeting, Judy stated that Arlene is sending a letter to each new member.  Judy was unsure whether Arlene is getting any responses to these letters.
    2. Social Inreach & Outreach:
      • New Years Eve party will be held at Judy Moskowitz’ home on December 31, 2017.  Judy K. will work with Judy M. this evening to design games, etc.
      • Decision made that party will be for benefit of local charity with focus on learning.  Glenn will ask Judith Fish for suggestions for local pet friendly 501c3 charity.  Dale suggested a representative from the charity could speak as to the benefits of the charity.  Event to be in April.  Dale will check with Sugar Sands, Patch Reef and Quiet Waters for cost & availability in April.  Goal is to create a committee of organizers to facilitate party.  Cost target is $10 per person with 30-50% of proceeds benefiting charity and balance paying for food, kiosk, drinks, etc.
  3. Community Charity: Judy will dovetail 2018 charity with April party.
  4. Social Media: Glenn is currently broadcasting unanimous decisions arrived to at Issues-based Current Events.  No other host provided relevant information for social media.
  5. Volunteer Recognition:
    • Volunteers to be recognized at January 13 luncheon held at Judy’s home at 1:00pm.
    • Approximately 15 members to be recognized.
    • Menu includes grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, and buns.
  6. Liaison: No report.
  7. Programming:
    • Glenn stated that new hosts & topics are needed.  Beginning this month, three new programs added … Relationships (Larry Schocket); Middle East Update (Larry Sanderson) and World Issues (George Robbat).   All of these events on Saturday.  Glenn said we need programming on Wednesday.
    • Dale reported that General Discussion is easy to host, albeit not as rewarding as specialty topics.  Glenn presented Jeanette’s comment that as members get older, general discussion is easier to participate.  Judy commented that age has little to do with it.  For now we’ll keep General Discussion schedule as follows:
      • Second Monday in Boynton
      • Last Wednesday in Boca
      • 3rd Saturday in Boca
  8. Next Meeting:  January 13 at 3:30pm at Judy’s Home in Boca.  Reason for one so soon is to discuss April party planning.
  9. Adjournment moved and seconded.  Adjournment at 1:41pm.

Board Meeting Minutes
Intellectual Conversation Group
October 14, 2017; 12:30 PM, Panera’s Boca Center

Present: Chris Crippen, Judy Keiser, Glenn Lippman, Richard Rosenstein, Arlene Schwartz, and Dale Smith
Absent: None
Invited Guests: None

Discussion & Minutes Summary:
1. Committee Reports:
> Membership/Retention: No report. Arlene plans on sending out welcome messages to new members; interviewing key members; and writing synopsis on various events.
> Social Inreach: No report.
> Community Charity: No report.
> Social Outreach: No report. A host input form will be published. (Uploaded to ICG website later same day with email advisory to all hosts.)
> Volunteer Recognition: No report. Luncheon by End of Year.
> Liaison: No report.
2. Glenn presented several new programs including:
a) Charitable Social/Outreach program for April/May 2018. Judy will present at our next Board meeting a list of charities that share a common objective of learning. Dale will present location venue options and logistics for discussion.
b) New Years Eve Party on December 31st at Chris’ home in Boynton Beach. Programming/Cost to be determined at our next Board meeting.
c) Host Appreciation & Recruitment/Training Luncheon on January 13th at Judy’s home at 1:00pm. Glenn will produce a campaign linking New Year’s Resolutions and Passion with hosting. Luncheon includes grilled items.
d) Reviewed current programming as it relates to balancing the week. We’re good for programming & hosting on Wednesday and Saturday. Looking for more of each for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Arlene volunteered to do an article review on Monday and a lunch program on Tuesday.
3. Chris and Dale suggested we add a few General Discussions back into the mix. Dale agreed to host a General in Boynton on Monday, and Chris agreed to host a General in Deerfield on Tuesday (same day as Art Review).
4. Stats: Membership increased to 972.

Next Meeting: December 2nd at 12:30. Dale will send reminder.
Meeting Adjourned at 2:00 PM.

Intellectual Conversation Group
August 19, 2017; 3:00 PM, Panera’s Boca Center

Present: Judy Keiser, Glenn Lippman, Richard Rosenstein, Arlene Schwartz, and Dale Smith
Absent: Chris Crippen
Invited Guests: None

Discussion & Minutes Summary:
1. Welcomed new board members Rosenstein and Schwartz.
2. Defined Committee Chairs as:
Membership/Retention: Arlene
Community Charitable Outreach: Judy
Facebook/Twitter Social Outreach: Richard
Social Inreach: Dale
Volunteer Recognition: Glenn
Discussion Group Liaison: Chris
Host Recruitment & Training: Judy
Programming: Glenn
3. All agreed we should meet as a Board at least once every couple of months. Dale will schedule and notify each member of next Board meetings.
4. Glenn presented Group stats including 953 members and continual growth at a rate of 3-7 per week. 25% membership active rate in past 30 days; 34% active in past two months. Summary of income/expenses. Big income producers include Art in Film and Philosophy Wine & Cheese.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.

*Any Board meeting invited Guests require prior approval of Glenn Lippman.