Covid-19 Dating

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IRL = in real life. 
FMO = fear of missing out

If you are going to date, you gotta know the rules … and the rules and terminology has changed.

Virtual Dating?  New age dating style.  International dating … paradox of choice.  Virtual Reality?  Immersive experience.  Checkout Fidelity.  EXP Reality.  ZOOM VR Dating … Let’s Do It!

Ghosting Dating is a colloquial term used to describe the practice of ceasing all communication and contact with a partner, friend, or similar individual without any apparent warning or justification and subsequently ignoring any attempts to reach out or communicate made by said partner, friend, or individual.

Blue-stalling is when two people are dating and acting like a couple but one of the two is unready for any type of commitment.

Breadcrumbing is about piquing someone’s interest without the payoff of a date or a relationship.

Caspering is a friendly ghost.

Catfish is a person that uses a fake identity to lure dates online.

Clearing happens when we hook up with anyone just so we don’t feel completely unattractive.

Cockfishing is sending dick pics that were photoshopped.

Firedooring is when you are always waiting for that someone special to call or text and whatever you do is shot down.

Fishing is when you send out messages to a bunch of people to see who’s interested.

Fleabagging is dating the wrong person.

Flashpanner is someone who’s addicted to the excitement of starting a relationship and is gone when a commitment is expected.

Glamboozzling is a date that cancels at the last minute.

Kanye’d is a date that only talks about themselves.

Kittenfishing is someone who uses old or heavily edited images.  Kittenfishes can also exaggerate height, age, interests or accomplishments.

Mountaineering is when you are interested in people who might be out of your league.

Obligaswiping is the act of endlessly swiping on dating apps and flirting without a legitimate intention of meeting.

Preating is pre cheating.  Laying the groundwork and putting out feelers for cheating.

Prowling is getting hot and cold when it comes to expressing romantic interest.

Sneating is when you go on dates just for the free meal.

Stashing is the act of hiding someone you are dating from your friends and social media.

Submarineing is someone that ghosts then returns and acts like nothing happened.

Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform

V-lationshipping is someone who appears around Valentine’s Day usually out of loneliness and desperation.

You-turning is when you fall head over heels for someone only to suddenly change your mind.

Personal Hologram: Create a temporary hologram of yourself for 1 minute.  Sharing a date with a hologram.

Zombieing differs from submarineing in that a zombie acknowledges their distance.

Is this just for young folks or for us too?

Post Covid-19 Dating?  On hold?  Texting?  Facetime?  Video Conferencing for Dating?

Learn from a Covid-19 era dating coach.  What do guys need to do?  Messaging is good.  We need to learn better skills.  Long video, but good information.

Are Dating Apps Still Popular?

Yep.  Check out Venchur.  It’s a dating app that doesn’t let you upload pictures, write a bio or even send messages. Brand new app … available for downloading in April 2020.