God Exists Implications

Collections of media each showing “what if.”  Keep in mind it is not vogue for scientists and mathematicians to verify God or God energy presence.  However in many of these videos you may find evidence of God and/or God energy existence.

Our discussion is about the implications of science and mathematics proof of God and God Energy.  Our discussion is not about the proof, but on the implication of a proof on philosophy and intellectual thinking.

Also please note we’re not referring to religion, only to God and God Energy.  Religion may consist of God, but God exists without religion.  Preparation notes provided by Glenn Lippman.

Kurt Godel uses mathematics and theorems in his proof.  Video produced May 2017.

Recorded May 2018.  Ancillary video entitled, “Godel Proves God” provides additional information.

The more deeply scientists see into the secrets of the universe, you’d expect, the more God would fade away from their hearts and minds.  But that’s not how it went for Allan Sandage. Now slightly stooped and white-haired at 72, Sandage has spent a professional lifetime coaxing secrets out of the stars, peering through telescopes from Chile to California in the hope of spying nothing less than the origins and destiny of the universe. As much as any other 20th-century astronomer, Sandage actually figured it out: his observations of distant stars showed how fast the universe is expanding and how old it is (15 billion years or so).

But through it all Sandage, who says he was “almost a practicing atheist as a boy,” was nagged by mysteries whose answers were not to be found in the glittering panoply of supernovas. Among them: why is there something rather than nothing?  Read More.

String theory … vibrational  … God?

Could the mysteries of quantum entanglement be explained with simplicity when God is a factor?  Bird Navigation.  Quantum Consciousness.  Has science uncovered a new reality?

Other videos for consideration: