Featured Programs

Weekly Programming

  • Current Events. Issues-based news worthy events that happened in the last week.  Highly intellectual.  Preparation required.  Bi-partisan, non-political. Weekly event.  Saturday morning.
  • General Discussion.  Open topic discussion. No politics. No current events. What’s left? Come and find out. Discussion typically human issue based. Biweekly.  Saturday morning.

Monthly Programming

  • Art in Film.  Monthly movie review.  Professional style review of a recent foreign film.
  • Chat Channel.  Varying member contributed discussion.
  • DePolarization.  DePolarize America starting in our community.
  • Food, Nutrition & Health. 
  • Legal Brief Report.  Reviews legal issues with focus on Florida.
  • Movies, TV & Entertainment.  Monthly review of entertainment.  Joan Rivers is inspiration. Hosted by Judy Keiser.
  • Philosophy Today.  Philosophies and how they apply to today.
  • Philosophy Walk n’Talk.  Outdoor Aristotelian-style discussion.  Monthly topics designed and led by Glenn Lippman
  • Philosophy Wine & Cheese.  Philosophy salon discusions in member’s home.
  • Political Discussion.  Liberal views on today’s politics.
  • Politics: 2020 Discussion.  Candidate reviews and discussion.
  • Prejudice Discussion.  Current topics on LGBTQ, Anti-Semitism, Race, etc.
  • Relationship Discussion.  Family, friends and business relations.
  • Science/TED Discussion.  Science and/or TED video discussion.
  • Sunday Afternoon General.  Open topic discussion on anything.
  • Sunday History with Sana Bazzi.  Host selected historical topics.
  • Wednesday General with Jeanette Marks.  Open topic discussion on anything except politics.

Spotlights & One-Time Events


  • March 2014:  Body Linguist Brenda Breton
  • March 2014:  Medical Consultant Phen Segal
  • April 2014:  Dr. Nora Femenia
  • May 2014:  Dr. Cesar Benarroche.  Psychiatric Drugs & Use.
  • June 2014:  Poker Professional Mike McIntosh.  Bluffing, Tells & Poker Strategies.
  • July 2014:  Author Adrian Mallin
  • August 2014:  Dr. Dale Smith.  Medical Mission to South America.
  • September 2014:  Composer/Author Larry Minsky
  • October 2014:  Pageantry Executive Director Marilyn Sietz.  Miss Universe.
  • October 2014:  Ebola Contagion Specialist Phen Segal




  • January 2015:  Susan Robbins.  Florida Demographics.
  • February 2015:  Cara Liebowitz, Creative Writing
  • March 2015: Phen Segal & Greta Joffe.  South Africa.
  • April 2015: Ora Avni.  A Program on Modliano.
  • June 2015: Mira Aluma.  Living on a Kibbutz in Israel.
  • December 2015:  Brenda Nagel.  Traveling.
  • January 2016:  Susan Brenden.  TV & Radio Producer.
  • June 2017:  David Devensky.  Finding Rare Collectibles.
  • August 2017:  Barry Deutsch.  Poland: Post WWII.

Other Events