Kripke Dualism: Mind/Body

On Wednesday, August 7th, ICG’s Philosophy Today’s topic is Dualism redefining the Mind/Body relationship.  Supporting videos follow:

Mind-Body Dualism has been a problem throughout time.  In this first video, Maryam Alimardani uses illustrations to explain the problem.

Next video features Joe Cruz, professor of philosophy at Williams College.  He specializes in the philosophy of the mind and the theory of knowledge. His articles have appeared in Mind and Language, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, and Knowledge and Skepticism. He teaches a range of Williams courses, including skepticism and relativism, perception and reality, philosophy of animal life, cognitive science, embodiment and consciousness, and contemporary epistemology. He received a B.A. in philosophy from Williams College and a Ph.D. in philosophy and cognitive science from the University of Arizona.

In the following video, professor Daniel Bonevac of the University of Texas in Austin provides an interesting primer on Kripke’s Dualism.

Next, John Searle, one of the world’s great philosophers of mind and language.  Interesting presentation on consciousness and the brain.

… and the last video for review is by Natalie Gunn.  Ms Gunn makes a case for thinking of our minds and bodies as a continuum rather than duality.

In our program, we shall discuss the relationship of mind/body as it relates to consciousness, etc.  For purposes of definition, what is the mind?  Is the mind a product of brain activity?  Is the brain the physical substance and the mind the conscious product of those firing neurons?  Or does the mind extend further than the physical workings of our brain?  Consider that Kripke’s dualism critique.

Interesting articles to review: