Like many other organizations, Intellectual Conversation Group’s success relies heavily on its leadership.  Every month, Intellectual Conversation Group delivers up to 50 events flawlessly.  Our success is due is entirely based on our volunteer leadership.

Glenn Lippman
Executive Director & Organizer
Event Programming & Volunteer Recognition
Email:  glenn@intelconversation.com
Phone:  561.465.4972
Best way to contact is via Meetup.com Messaging or to Mr. Lippman’s email address.

Janice Blitz
Event Organizer, Board Member
Email:  jblitz52@hotmail.com
Phone:  703.615.4232

Table Hosts

Selma Abrams
Healthcare & Insurance Issues (Wednesday)

Sana Bazzi
Sunday with Sana on History (Sunday)

Barbara Friden
General Discussion (Wednesday)

Carlos Garcia
Philosophy (Wednesday)

Susan Goldberg
General Discussion (Sunday)

Alex Goldstein
Issues Based Current Events (Saturday)

Judy Keiser
Prejudice Discussion (Wednesday); DNC2020 (Saturday); Movies, TV & Entertainment Discussion (Wednesday).

Glenn Lippman
Current Events a Bipartisan Discussion (Saturday);  Got Science (Wednesday); Creative Writing workshop (Saturday); Nutrition & Nutraceuticals (Wednesday), Philosophy Today Discussion (Wednesday); Philosophy Walk (Sunday); DePolarizing America (Wednesday); Art in Film Movie Review (Saturday).

Penny Mandel
General Discussion (Saturday)

Jeanette Marks
Senior Singles Discussion (Sunday); General Discussion (Wednesday)

Janixx Parisi
Liberal Politics (Saturday)

George Robbat
Liberal Politics (Saturday)

Roselyn Tucker
Democratic Political Current Events (Saturday)