Narrowing Down the Field of Candidates by Glenn Lippman

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Submitted, Thursday, March 3, 2016

I’ve always liked Clinton.  Bill that is.

The role of a president is to be a leader.  Is to connect with people, and define new workable ideas that can keep America growing.  Traits include intelligence and managerial leadership.  Additionally, the president’s role is a cheerleader, always hoping for a better tomorrow.

Back in the days of Bill’s presidency, Bill was a true leader.  He connected with people.  During his presidency, he was able to encourage entrepreneurs to make a go of new ideas in product innovation, development and manufacturing.  He was inspirational.  And many of our most successful companies today were spawned during his term.  Bill rode the waves of growth set into place by his predecessors.

Next came Baby Bush (BB).  Not the brightest however his father was quite successful, and BB pretty much did two things while president.  Respond to terrorism by creating government infrastructure for homeland security, and thought he heard that Americans wanted to pay less for products.  BB interpreted pay less to mean globalization.  Help third world countries sell  inferior products to the USA for less than it costs for American companies to produce the same products.  What BB didn’t realize was that by introducing  globalization, American manufacturers would suffer.  There were other ways to accomplish less cost such as automation, computerized manufacturing, etc., however BB didn’t approach alternatives that could build USA manufacturing.

In my opinion, we have three sectors for employment and function.  Manufacturing (those that make something for sale), Service (those that provide services to manufacturing, retail, medical and professional services), and Government (those that manage infrastructure of our Country).  Manufacturing and Service sectors pay taxes which in turn pays for Government salaries, benefits and programs.

By sacrificing Manufacturing sector, BB used the Service sector to strengthen retail sector by importing foreign made products that sold for less.  Retailer margins can be substantially less than manufacturing margins, and therefore net proceeds to pay for government programs began to suffer.  Embellishing the Service sector also produced other disasters such as our banking/mortgage bailout, etc.  Other than homeland security, BB accomplished nothing.  Why did we vote for BB … simple, he was the son of senior and we always hoped that he would figure something out.  What he did to the Manufacturing sector basically translated to selling out America.

Obama inherited the results of selling out America.  Without the Manufacturing sector, Obama inherited our Country’s highest unemployment numbers, and brought in no experience to deal with it.  Without manufacturing experience, Obama was not in a position to rely on personal experiences to remedy the situation.  So instead, he relied on his Government sector experience to add government jobs, increase government salaries and programs with money borrowed from China and increased taxation.  During his presidency, affordable health care, political correctness, white/black equality issues, gay marriages, transgender issues and other government related programs were introduced.  Affordable health care was basically forced in even though it doesn’t work.  Definitely not affordable.  He did nothing to restore Manufacturing sector, and basically hoped that manufacturing  would resolve itself without his help.  Why did we vote for Obama … he was black, spoke eloquently of a better future, and BB messed up so badly.

Now it is time to elect someone new.

Our primary issue should be America’s growth through the Manufacturing sector.  If we rebuild the Manufacturing sector, America will be able to pay back loans, balance budgets, increase employment, and possibly increase wages in Service & Manufacturing sectors.

Our choices include two candidates for change …  Trump and Sanders.

Three candidates for status quo, meaning let’s change nothing … H. Clinton, Rubio, Cruz

People still employed are shouting a need for change.

According to the polls and election analysts:

  • Older white women who want to see a woman as president regardless of experience, blacks and those that think Obama did something good for America, DNC, and those that like things the way they are, want Clinton.
  • Men and women still employed in non Government sector jobs, modern republicans, democrats and independents and business leaders along with Americans who want a change want Trump and Sanders.
  • Pro religious Christians and super conservatives want Cruz.
  • Pro GOP party leaders, old school RNC members, large GOP lobbyists with gain opportunities want Rubio.

Let’s not vote for someone then be disappointed that they didn’t do anything for growth in the USA.   I think we need to  elect someone that has had experience in accomplishing something, and not vote for someone who possibly can make a difference but without prior experience.

For example, Rubio has among the highest absentee record for a government employee.  And aside from his limited experience partially working in the government has done nothing else.

Cruz’s fanaticism for religious issues is  a bit scary during times when religion participation worldwide is on the decline.  I’m sure that there is more to him than his obvious religious convictions however no one seems to discuss it.

Clinton supporters seem to think that Bill is part of the package.  I.e., the common  phrase Billary as president.  Not true.  Bill’s health concerns alone are working against that concept let alone Bill isn’t running for president.  So, if we take Bill out of the picture, then it is only Hillary, and her record of accomplishment is pretty much nothing.  As first lady she failed with health reform, as a Senator, she accomplished nothing.  As Secretary of State her non actions in Benghazi was a disaster, and her disregard for security in the email scandal is cause alone for criminal charges.  Other than being a woman, what else has she accomplished?  She is not a friend of the Manufacturing sector and nothing of what she wants to do will  help  Manufacturing.  Her only claim to fame is to carry forward Obama’s legacy into the next four years.  Most Americans are done with Obama’s inaction towards the financial and business growth of America, so why would we want to  consider 4 more years!

Sanders and Trump are two candidates for change.  Two very different plans, but two options for a better America.  Sanders has a real vision with years of experience making a difference.  Trump as a businessman has years of experience making executive decisions affecting thousands of people.  Both candidates are doers.

If America is ready for change and Americans want a better life, it is now time for Americans to carefully listen to our only two realistic candidates … Trump and Sanders.

I hope they become the nominees and we, the People, get a chance to evaluate their proposed changes for our Country.  Perhaps we can make a choice in November based on what’s good for the future of America and not a choice based on sex or looks.  We Americans need to be accountable for our decisions and the choices we make.

… and thank you Mitt for confirming our belief that the GOP party is based on antiquated older values no longer supported by progressive Republicans like myself.  All Mitt’s speech did was clearly show GOP’s uninformed position in the current political climate and better define why Trump would  be a much better party leader than any other candidate.

Glenn Lippman is the Executive Director of Intellectual Conversation Group, President/CEO of Novaseal Corporation, a technology based engineering and manufacturing company based in Coconut Creek, Florida.  He is also Director of other high tech  firms based in the USA.  Mr. Lippman is an advisor/speaker associated with the Center for America.  Glenn is a degreed and practicing physicist and popular speaker on Made in USA topics. (c) All Rights Reserved.