No Show Log

Ora Avni (user 55614312) has had another 5 No Shows since last time her membership was deleted. Effective today (10/22/2017), and with Ora’s 13th No Show, Ora’s membership has been deleted for one month. Sought of like a 1-month timeout with each No Show going forward. May rejoin 11/22/2017. This message sent:
“With today’s No Show, you are at cumulative of 5 No Shows
since last membership deletion. Going forward after each No
Show, there will be one month timeout beginning with today’s
No Show. This means if you would like to rejoin, please do so
after November 22, 2017. Sorry about this, but the complaints
are numerous and justified.”

Mira Aluma (16297261) was removed as a member on 12/13/2016 as a result of not showing up to host of an event she was listed as hosting. 10 RSVPs. Dale and Marsha took over as hosts of a TED Talk on this evening. Several hours earlier, Mira made several disparaging unfounded remarks and threatened not to show to her own group discussion. This action follows multiple “bullying” complaints received about Mira as reported to us by Helen Grace and other members. Termination includes option to rejoin, however only if approved by organizers.

Marvin Seperson. (marv1029) 8/23/2016. Within 30 minutes of his first visit to ICG in 2 weeks, Marvin somehow convinced Burt to cancel his specialty table next week, thus interrupting ICG scheduling. Grounds for membership removal. Marvin hasn’t rsvp’d for any of our events since late July. He is a taker, not a giver. Marvin has decided to be in direct competition with ICG by meeting on Wednesdays, a decision that blatantly disrespects Judy Keiser and other ICG Event Hosts. Membership deleted 8/24/2016 due to Conflict of Interest.

Tricia (user 203328779) received her 4th consecutive No Show with Saturday’s afternoon meeting on 4/30/2016. No interest in permitting her to rejoin.

Francine (user 139326902) received her 4th consecutive No Show with Monday’s Deerfield meeting on 4/11/2016. This woman is trouble. No interest in permitting her to rejoin. She has lied to Bunny.

4/1/2016: John Warren (user 202549500) of Delray Beach joined. Then within an hour or so unjoined with derogatory comments. Let’s reject any future membership.

Richard (user 11817702) received his 5th No Show with his No Show at Saturday morning’s general discussion. Rejoined.

Debbie Ayache (user 55536212) received her 5th No Show with her no show at History Revisited by George Robbat as host. Rejoined on 9/19/2016.

Carol Weissman (user 7349421) received her 4th No Show on Wednesday February 24, 2016 as a no show for heavily waitlisted History Revisited. Membership deleted. Rejoined June 3, 2016.

Susan Brender (user 12339497) received her 5th No Show on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. Send Susan an email extending No Show allowance by one. If she has another No Show, membership will be deleted. 6th No Show on Wednesday, January 20th reported by Bunny, deleted membership. Rejoined January 31, 2016. New base is 6.

Elyse Cohen (user 13590757) received her 4th No Show on Saturday January 16, 2016. Attempted to rejoin on 12/19/2016. Sent msg asking her how this time would be different.

Ora Avni (user 55614312) received her 4th No Show again on Monday, December 28th event. Membership deleted. Only way to reconsider is if Ora promises no more No Shows. Received a request to rejoin on December 30th. Ora promises not to No Show again. Current count meter at 8.

Phyllis Friedman (user 5057067) received her 6 th No Show for Saturday discussion.

Christina DeRoberts (user 195337162) chronic No Show problem. Uses a photo of a child. Never showed up to anything. 4 No Shows in about 2 weeks. Deleted on 12/6/2015. After deleted, she responded for first time, and with a derogatory remark. Not welcomed to rejoin.

With 4 No Shows, Arlene Scharff (user 13181101) membership was deleted on 11/10/2015.

Following multiple No Shows, Beth Jones (user 130516112) deleted her membership in our group on 8/19/2015.

Marvin Seperson. Watch list. On 7/15/2015, Marvin disrupted meeting by insisting on crosstalk and arguing with host as to how meetup should be run. His actions created an uneasiness among all meetup attendees. On several discussions his answers were not correct and it seemed not being right made him very angry. Took his anger out on host producing a difficult meetup. At one time Marvin addressed host as “Heil Hitler!” Witnesses to action: Susan Robbins, Elinor S., Ivan L., Carlos G., Ellen A., Joyce C. (New member), Glenn (host). He has not apologized as of this entry on July 16, 2015. On 8/18/2015, met with Elinor S. who advised that she is still in shock on what Marvin said and thought it very generous that our board decision didn’t delete his membership. As of 9/28/2015, there has not been any verbal apologies to Glenn nor any of the members of the table effected.

Anne Z (user 11571533) was removed as a member on 6/20/2015. Her removal is based on exceeding No Show limit. With this morning’s No Show for Breakfast Club, Anne Z has 7 No Shows. Message to Anne suggested that with promise to honor RSVPs, she may rejoin. Based on BeBe Nagle’s suggestion and Anne Z’s promise to not No Show again, Anne Z rejoined on 9/28/2015.

Sidney (user SidneyBocaRaton) was removed as a member on 3/14/2015. Her removal is based on exceeding No Show limit. Today Sidney RSVP’d for herself plus 1, and neither person showed. This has happened before, as well as one time with Marilyn Sietz’ dinner reservation.

Robert (“Bob”) Segal (user 137651002) deleted his membership from ICG on 3/1/2015 following his participation with Philosophy Walk n’ Talk. Bob rated group poorly then quit because he was disappointed that we were a serious discussion group rather than a light hearted social club. He was a strange one. None of the women on the hike liked the guy. Bob actually got lost when he wandered off the path.

Elizabeth (user .6962465) was removed as a member on 2/11/2015. Her removal only comes as a decision of the Board based on her disrespect for Table Hosts Judy Moskowitz and Chris Crippen, and her disruptive behavior at several Meetup events. Additionally, Elizabeth personally threatened Chris Crippen fully recognizing that Chris is a voting member of ICG Board. Board members voting for removal included Chris and Mike. Judy was unavailable. Membership termination included following explanation: “Apparently my request for you to remove yourself as a member of Intellectual Conversation Group was not acted on. My decision to delete your membership is based on request of many members and several Table Hosts believing you do not fit in as a member of ICG.” At time of deletion Elizabeth had 2 No Shows and has unRSVP’d herself several times within 2-3 hours of a Meetup making it difficult for other members to RSVP on a last minute basis.

Erica Manfred (user 13473971) left on 2/2/2015. Her removal was voluntarily as well as appreciated. She was quite disruptive at a meeting hosted by Judy Moskowitz on January 28, 2015.

Caje, (user 177497902), left on 1/1/2015 after receiving a No Show for wait listed Pompano discussion group. Published negative comments prior to leaving.

Ora Avni (user 55614312) received her 4th No Show on December 20, 2014 following no show activity without notification on the past 3 heavily wait listed programs. Attached meetup note suggested rejoining if and when Ora can keep RSVP commitments. Ora rejoined on January 24, 2015.

Marianne (Brit) received her 4th No Show on December 15, 2014. No reply to prior No Show advisories. Removed marianne (user 70151172).

Jeanette Schultz received her 4th No Show this evening by not attending a heavily wait listed program. Deleted membership for repeatable no show violations on 12/10/2014. Removed Jeanette Schultz (user 106085602).

Member Alert
Gloria Waldman, aka Waldma


  • Host Judy Keiser reported Gloria verbally attacked Ira Bromberg on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.
  • Host Glenn Lippman reported that Gloria verbally attacked Glenn on Saturday, October 11, 2014 because she did not like ICG’s choice for spotlight venue at Tempura House. When Glenn suggested Gloria discuss this outside of a meetup discussion, Gloria continued and further asked to survey the table as to their decision regarding Tempura House. Glenn denied her request, and Gloria subsequently said that Glenn is acting like “Hitler.” Glenn requested that Gloria stop or leave the table. Gloria continued and Glenn asked her to leave. Gloria said she would not leave unless Glenn called the police. Glenn said that if Gloria left now, she can remain a member of ICG, if not her membership will be deleted for cause. Gloria left. Other table members verified actions. Gloria’s actions delayed start of discussion by 15 minutes.
  • Host Phen Segal shared that at a previous table discussion where Phen hosted a similar problem occurred.

Selma Abrams
Host Adrian Mallin submitted this report for 10/8/2014 Heart Intelligence Group:
I began – selma sat down – interrupted / got up.
I started again – Selma came back – interrupted – got up
I began AGAIN – selma came back / interrupted AGAIN – I stopped again and gave her three choices – 1. YOU lead the meeting
2. I lead the meeting and you be respectful
3. You leave.
She hemmed / hawed – got up and left.
I began again. This is not worth discussing any further – she took the steam out of the discussion – it was unruly – uncalled for – and rather abominable – yes – all within – minutes.

The following people were deleted due to 3 No Shows rule.

Judi (53008182); ( had her 4th No Show on October 8, 2014 with a No Show on heavily waitlisted Ted Talk. Deleted October 8, 2014. Reinstated on 10/20/2014. Claims it will not happen again.

Lloyd Sokolow deleted on October 5, 2014. 5 no shows! Last one on Saturday, October 4, 2014. Reinstated on Saturday, October 17, 2014 after in person discussion on No Shows.

Margaret. No shows:
Jan 22, 2014
Jan 15, 2014
Oct 2, 2013

Tatiana Eisner, Member 138560592; Joined 3/23/2014
Never RSVP’d for anything. No photo.
Psychological issues. Removed as member on 10/10/2014.

Mike-852 from No. California
3rd No Show on Feb 1, 2014.
Membership deleted 2/1/2014

3rd No Show on February 24, 2014
Membership deleted 2/24/2014.

Notes on Spotlight Events:
Do Not Extend RSVP without prePAY.
Raquel Harwitz
Debbie Ayache
Gloria Waldma
Lesson: Do not accept unpaid RSVPs for Spotlights

Julee back to no show activity. One more & Delete.

Jodi Zimmerman claims to have been in an accident enroute to Meetup on April 30th. Advised me of that fact on August 18th. Excused her No Show. Told me she called and spoke with Judy Keiser on April 30th, and that Judy intended to change No Show to Not Attended.