Processing and Participation Fees

As you have probably become aware of by now, Intellectual Conversation Group does not charge dues and it is free to join. So that we have funds to operate, introduce new venues and programming and expand by meeting new like-minded people, we charge $1.00 per event RSVP. This processing or participation fee begins August 2016.

Paying the $1.00 is very simple. When RSVPing in advance, simply RSVPing to a discussion will take you to a secure page where you provide credit card or other payment information. WePay will store your information in a secure confidential way. No one at or Intellectual Conversation Group will have access to your information. For each additional reservation, you will not be asked to resubmit payment information. It works seamlessly.

If there is room at a table, and you prefer paying when you arrive at the event, you are welcome to pay the processing fee directly to an organizer.

With processing/participation fee structure you only pay for events you can RSVP to or attend. No lofty dues in advance for events you never have a chance to RSVP to. Pick and choose the events you wish to attend, and pay only for those events.