RSVP and unRSVP How to Instructions

Note: RSVPs are an important element of Meetup and our group. An RSVP guarantees a seat at one of our programs. So, if you RSVP, then can’t come, please un-RSVP at least 3 hours prior to event start time. A no-show tag is given to each member who RSVPs then doesn’t show or un-RSVPs within 3 hours of the event or leaves before event ends. Members are allowed 3 No Shows. If and when a member has 4 No Shows, that member will be deleted for one month, and may rejoin after one month timeout. Members who rejoin will be deleted for one month again for one month following any one No Show. If a member is deleted, all pre-RSVPs are lost without refund. Should member cancel credit charges for any event, member may only rejoin one month after repaying fees, penalties (if any) and $10 service fee.