Selling is Persuading by Jacob Grinshpun

Selling is Persuading

Do you have products, ideas, or skills to sell?

You may not realize it, but EVERYONE has something to sell. Whether it is your products as an entrepreneur, your services as an independent contractor, your skills in the career ladder, or your ideas as a thought leader, your success depends on your ability to persuade.

In Selling is Persuading, Yakov Grinshpun combines 25 years of experience as a physics teacher with another 25 years as a top producing Florida Real Estate agent. In both careers, he learned the importance of successful persuasion skills, and he combines his knowledge of theory and experience in this step-by-step blueprint for mastering the skill of persuasion.

Persuasion is a skill anyone can learn. You simply need to know the Rules, Tools, Principles, Words, and Strategies.

And as Grant Cardone says, you can either “Sell or Be Sold.” The choice is yours. The tools are in this book.

About the Author.

Yakov Grinshpun, aka “Jacob”, was a physics teacher in the Soviet Union for 25 years before coming to the United States where he was a successful realtor for another 25 years.  Both teaching and selling require persuasion.  For Jacob his key for success was applying a system of skillful persuasion. 

Have you ever wondered how and why Jacob’s opinion on issues at Current Events Saturday morning discussion is always so believable?  After reading his book, you’ll know why.  His secret is in the book!

Yakov has been interviewed for Florida Realtor Magazine, and achieved highest rank in Toastmasters International.  He is an active member of the InkWell Writer’s group and an avid member of the Intellectual Conversation Group.


“Selling is Persuading is a must-read for beginning and seasoned sales persons alike. It organizes clearly the principles of persuasion needed to move a hesitant buyer to conclude a purchase. The strategies suggested draw on psychological understanding, sound economical analysis, and even some cunning. Yakov Grinshpun gives well taken and often entertaining examples that cover the plethora of situations a sales person may encounter. Reading this book can make the difference between losing or completing a sale.

“This insightful perspective on the selling process provides helpful hints on the “how to” craft a convincing argument. The suggested approaches incorporate buyers’ personalities as well as their representational systems and needs in crafting a convincing persuasion strategy. Great read, highly recommended.”

“In this brilliantly written book on Persuasion, Yakov combines his knowledge of physics with his personal experiences in sales. Starting with Aristotle’s quote, “The fool tells me his reasons, and the wise man persuades me with my own,” he takes you on a journey illustrating how persuasion is really the basis of a successful sale; one where a buyer is in charge and feels good about buying. Once revealed, Yakov’s process is so natural and makes sense at all levels.”

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