Viewpoints & Opinions

Politics in 2016 presents a unique challenge for America.  With political party(ies) being re-defined, candidates and voters are struggling to better understand our current political climate.

Our Intellectual Conversation Group discussions on Current Events has increased in scope and participation.  Current Events is now discussed several times a week at Saturday morning events, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Once we have nominees, then our discussions will focus on issues.

During our discussions, member viewpoints and opinions are continuously formed and gain conviction with every discussion.  Members who feel like sharing their views are welcome to submit detailed commentaries or articles, and we’ll publish it.  Send your submissions to Glenn Lippman.  Published commentaries and articles must include your full name and commentary/article title to be considered as a serious submission.

Views expressed through this service do not represent the collective view(s) of all members of Intellectual Conversation Group and only represent the individual view of the member submitting a commentary or article.  Any and all rights reserved herein.