Zoom Access

During the Covid-19 outbreak our Intellectual Conversation Meetup Group wants all members to be able to continue engaging in discussion events while  respecting social distancing.  To do that our Organizer has contracted video conferencing platforms with GoToMeeting and Zoom.  If you are interested in hosting an event through our group, please contact Glenn Lippman or Judy Keiser for details.

Zoom can be accessed through your desktop, laptop, smartphone or landline phone.  Please view the following videos for instructions for your preferred method of access.

If you are just getting started, click here for one of the best videos to join a Zoom for the first time.

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Play Video

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More Videos:

Fix Audio Sound on Windows 10

Joining a ZOOM Meeting for the First Time

This video also covers how to download ZOOM, how to join via landline phone, or joining with video.  Also covers chat, Gallery View or Speaker View, and how to Leave Meeting. Good video.

Joining ZOOM with iPhone or Android Smartphone

For GoToMeeting Platform

Please note that ICG is currently not using GoToMeeting for all Meetups.  ZOOM is our preference.

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